EMO 2017
A greatSuccess

At EMO 2017 in Hannover LMT Tools demonstrated in an impressive manner how the company will continue to support its customers in all requirements and developments of their industries to support their profitability in the future.

In particular, this was illustrated by the new products and the live demonstrations LMT Tools presented for the introduction of various tools. There were 13 demonstrations and customers were able to choose those that were of most interest to them.

The tool specialists used exhibits to illustrate that current topics such as aerospace, drive and medical technology overlap with the living environment of consumers in many areas.

Visitors were able to experience this with exhibits such as an artificial knee joint - another application where the tools of LMT Tools are pivotal for machining. Visitors to the exhibition stand were also able to take a closer look at a structural member of the Airbus A 380. Part of the wing is manufactured from a solid aluminum block and for the machining process, LMT Tools produces the milling cutter exactly as specified by the manufacturer – in the spirit of exactly yours.

The leading trade fair also provided an opportunity for many constructive conversations with industry experts - another reason why LMT Tools rates EMO 2017 as a great success.

Take a lookat the micron
Higher precision is not possible

Many sectors are facing technological change. This is particularly apparent in drive technology: on the one hand, electromobility is here to stay, on the other hand the demand for combustion engines is also increasing.

As in the automotive industry, experts in the aerospace sector are also working on solutions to adapt materials and technology for the extreme temperature conditions in jet engines. The keyword is - highly heat resistant materials. They are used in areas where particularly high temperatures are generated.

Medical technology also places high demands on materials: they must be resistant to fatigue and corrosion and be biocompatible.

LMT Tools has a customer-specific solution for each of these current topics: it is what the “exactly yours” promise stands for. Their experts can draw on many years of experience in this respect: the 100-year success story of developing gear hobs clearly demonstrates the aspiration of LMT Tools to deliver maximum performance time and again.

New products
for moreefficiency

The new indexable insert gear hob UNIFY reduces the costs per piece even further. It combines cost effectiveness and precision in gear cutting.

The CopyMax® product family has been extended with the new CopyMax®1 indexable insert. However, one thing still applies: tool life is extended, handling becomes easier.

The ACU-Jet Double6 milling system is now available as a premium version, with optimized base plate and indexable insert.

The MultiEdge 2Feed mini high-feed cutter provides a veritable flood of chips during roughing thanks to a special carbide substrate.

The MultiFace H45 PRO4 and P45 PRO8 face-milling cutters enable high material removal rates even on lower performance machines.

The improved HPF Max forming tap opens up even higher performance dimensions.

Downsizing in
drive technology

In automotive production, “downsizing” has been a trend for a number of years: engines are getting smaller and lighter, while delivering a higher performance. For this requirement, the turbocharger comes into its own: as extreme temperatures are generated inside, manufacturers use highly heat resistant materials.

Users employ various methods for machining these materials. The specialists at LMT Tools have thought about this, too: with a single tool, users can perform boring, face and circular milling. Time-consuming tool changes are eliminated, secondary processing times are reduced. This is how the tool solutions from LMT Tools increase the profitability of turbocharger production.

Getting off to a flying start
in spite of tight tolerances

Manufacturers in the aerospace industry are always facing major challenges: aircraft engines place high demands on materials. This complicates finishing as even the smallest inaccuracy may affect the entire component.

Exact holes, for example, to attach turbine blades accurately, are therefore crucial. If the turbines fit accurately, gas and air will mix perfectly for propulsion. LMT Tools supports its customers with Best-in-Class technology to ensure proper attachment.

The high art
of the artificial joint

The world population is growing, life expectancy is rising as well as the expectation of a high quality of life in old age. However, the body's resilience decreases over a person’s lifetime: joints are considered to be a particular weak point. As the largest joint, the knee joint is at high risk in old age.

Prostheses are, therefore, in high demand, however, their materials pose many challenges for the manufacturing process. For instance, regulatory requirements prohibit the use of coolants during machining, and no oils or lubricants must remain on the component. LMT Tools therefore uses extremely heat-resistant carbide tools made from a special cutting material for the machining of challenging materials.

Find out more about
what LMT Tools offers

Refer to the individual publications to learn about the products and services LMT Tools offers worldwide.

  • UNIFY - Unifies precision and performance
    UNIFY - Unifies precision and performance
    Name UNIFY - Unifies precision and performance
    Size 2 MB
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  • Multi Face H45 PRO4 & P45 PRO8
    Multi Face H45 PRO4 & P45 PRO8
    Name Multi Face H45 PRO4 & P45 PRO8
    Smooth cutting face milling systems for cost-effective processes
    Size 2 MB
    Amount 1
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  • HPF Max - High Performance Forming
    HPF Max - High Performance Forming
    Name HPF Max - High Performance Forming
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  • CopyMax - One insert Two missions
    CopyMax - One insert Two missions
    Name CopyMax - One insert Two missions
    Size 2 MB
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    Type pdf
  • Acu-Jet Double6 Premium
    Acu-Jet Double6 Premium
    Name Acu-Jet Double6 Premium
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  • LMT Tools Magazine 2017/2018
    LMT Tools Magazine 2017/2018
    Name LMT Tools Magazine 2017/2018
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  • Rolling Systems from LMT Fette
    Rolling Systems from LMT Fette
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  • Menu Card EMO 2017
    Menu Card EMO 2017
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